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A Focus on The Different Types of Shutters: Choosing the Ideal Style for Your Home

Our guide to some of the most popular styles of plantation shutters and choosing the ideal style for your home

Window shutters can significantly enhance the appearance and overall design of a home, both internally and externally. With a variety of styles and materials available, it can be confusing for homeowners to choose the best shutters suitable for their specific requirements. Some factors to consider when selecting the ideal shutters include the type of window, the existing interior and exterior design, and the desired functionality.

Different types of shutters serve different purposes, from providing privacy and controlling sunlight to adding a touch of elegance and enhancing the architectural elements of a house. Popular types of plantation shutters include full height shutters which are known for their versatility, classic appearance, and range of materials. Or café style shutters which are particularly suited to the sash windows of older style properties.

Considering these factors and understanding the various types of shutters available can help homeowners make an informed decision on the perfect shutters for their home. With proper research and guidance, the chosen shutters will not only be functional but will also seamlessly blend with the home’s architectural style and can add value to the property.

Understanding Shutters and Their Benefits

Shutters are a versatile window treatment option that offer a range of benefits including light and privacy control, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. In this section, we will explore the different materials and design options, as well as the functional advantages of shutters.

Shutter Materials and Design

There is a variety of materials used to create shutters. Some common materials include:

  • Vinyl: A durable and low-maintenance material that resists wear and tear. It is an affordable option but may not have the same warmth as wooden shutters.

  • Wood: A popular choice for its natural aesthetic appeal and insulating properties. Wood shutters can be made from solid timber or engineered wood products such as MDF.

  • PVC: Another low-maintenance option, PVC shutters are water-resistant, making them suitable for moist environments like bathrooms or kitchens.

The design of shutters can vary, including:

  1. Tier-on-tier: Two separate sets of panels stacked on top of each other, allowing for independent control of upper and lower sections.

  2. Café-style: Covering only the lower portion of a window, offering privacy while still allowing natural light from above.

  3. Waterproof shutters: Specifically designed for use in damp areas, made from water-resistant materials such as PVC.

Light and Privacy Control with Shutters

Shutters provide excellent light and privacy control thanks to their adjustable slats or louvres. By altering the angle of the slats, you can control the amount of light entering a room and the level of privacy. This flexibility makes them a popular choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces where light and privacy control are crucial.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

In addition to the aesthetic and functional benefits, shutters can contribute to a more energy-efficient home. Due to their insulating properties, wooden plantation shutters can help keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When the slats are closed, they form a barrier, reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior. This, in turn, can lead to reduced energy consumption and a more eco-friendly home.

Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home

When selecting the perfect shutters for your home, consider factors such as window size, design, style, material, and budget. Shutters can enhance the appearance of your interior, provide protection, and manage natural light. In this section, we will discuss different types of shutters and their functions to help you make the best decision for your home.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are popular for their versatility and functionality. They cover the entire height of the window, providing excellent light control and privacy. Full height shutters are perfect for large windows and can be made with a variety of materials, colours, and designs to fit your home’s decor.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters consist of two sets of panels, one above the other, allowing independent operation of the top and bottom halves. This design provides flexibility in controlling light and privacy, making it suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters cover only the lower part of the window, allowing plenty of natural light to enter the room. These shutters are a cost-effective solution for retaining privacy at the lower level while letting light in through the top. Cafe style shutters work well with sash windows and in kitchens and bathrooms.

Bay Window Shutters

For homes with bay windows, bay window shutters are custom-made to fit the unique angles and size of the window, enhancing the design and providing functionality. They also offer excellent light control, privacy, and insulation.

Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters are custom designed to fit windows with unconventional shapes, such as arches, circles, and triangles. They provide a visually striking addition to your home while serving as a practical window covering solution.

Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are suitable for large windows or sliding doors as they use a top-hung track system instead of hinges. They function as effective room dividers and are often found in open-plan living areas, offering privacy and light control.

Shutter Styles and Where to Use Them

As discussed above, different shutter styles serve various purposes and complement specific room types.

To choose the best shutters for your home, consider the size, style, material, and functionality. Ensure the shutters fit your decor and lifestyle while complementing your room’s colour scheme and design.

Special Considerations for Different Environments

Choosing Shutters for Varied Climates

When selecting shutters, it’s a good idea to consider the climate in which they will be used. Selecting a material like hardwoods can ensure durability and long-lasting performance. These materials have excellent shading properties, which can help control natural light and keep your home cool during the warmer, summer months.

Furthermore, hardwood shutters also provide excellent insulating properties during the colder, winter months. They insulate windows effectively and help prevent heat loss while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.

Another important aspect to remember is also the moisture resistance in bathrooms and kitchens; opting for waterproof shutters can add longevity to your investments.

Adapting Shutters to Unique Architectural Features

Homes with unique architectural elements may require specific shutter designs. One example is the use of shaped shutters in spaces with unconventional window shapes, such as arches, circles, or triangles. These types of shutters can enhance the appearance and functionality without compromising on style.

For traditional-style homes with sash windows, café style shutters may be the ideal choice, offering a timeless look with slats that can vary in width. Homes with a more rustic or farmhouse aesthetic might benefit from more natural wood shutters rather than white, which convey a charming, classic appearance.

Privacy and Security Enhancements with Shutters

Adding shutters to your home can enhance privacy and security while maintaining aesthetics and natural light. Some popular options for various living spaces are:

  • Living rooms: Tier-on-tier shutters provide top and bottom panels that can be adjusted independently for customised light control and privacy. Or café-style shutters cover only the lower section of the window, allowing plenty of natural light to enter while maintaining privacy.

  • Bedrooms: Full height or solid shutters ensure maximum darkness and privacy.

  • Bay windows: Bay window shutters precisely fit the dimensions of a bay window. Choose from either, full height, tier on tier or café style. All available with adjustable slats allowing plenty of natural light to enter while maintaining privacy.

The right choice of shutters can significantly impact your home’s functionality and design. Consider factors such as climate, architectural features, and the need for privacy and security when making your decision. With the proper selection, you can enhance your living space, improve energy efficiency, and achieve the perfect balance of style and function.


When selecting shutters for a home, consider factors such as the intended purpose, room location, budget, and desired style. The popular types of shutters include full height, tier-on-tier, café-style, bay window, and shaped shutters, each suitable for different purposes and rooms. Additionally, consider the window size, architecture, and mounting options for easier access and installation.

Plantation shutters are characterised by their wide slats and traditional appearance, offering excellent light control, privacy, and energy efficiency properties. They can be customised regarding slat size, material, and colour. On the other hand, tracked shutters are designed to glide along a track, ideal for larger windows or doors, such as bi-fold or patio doorsTracked shutters provide an unobstructed view when opened and excellent room partitioning when closed.

Yes, shaped shutters can be customised to fit conservatory and skylight windows, ensuring optimum light control, privacy, and insulation. They can be designed to fit various shapes and sizes of windows, making them an ideal choice for unique window styles.

There are various types of plantation shutters, including full height, tier-on-tier, and café-style, bay window and shaped shutters. One of the most popular type is the tier-on-tier shutter, which consists of two shutter panels, one on top of the other. It provides more flexibility, allowing you to open and close the top and bottom panels independently, which maximises light control and privacy.

Shutters can significantly improve the aesthetics of a property, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. They offer a stunning appearance and a strong sense of detail while complementing various home styles and décors. In addition, shutters can enhance the kerb appeal of a property and increase its value.

Full height shutters consist of a single-panel covering the entire window, providing excellent light control and privacy. They are suitable for many window types and create a streamlined appearance. Tier on tier shutters, have two shutter panels stacked on top of each other, giving more flexibility in light control and privacy. They are ideal for living rooms and rooms with larger windows.

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