Tracked Shutters

Perfect for patio and bi-fold doors

Tracked shutters are the perfect solution to heavy, tall bifold or sliding doors. Where bifold and sliding doors are larger than regular windows, the shutter size that would be required to cover the doors would prove too heavy to be supported by hinges alone.

This is where tracked shutters become the ideal solution. With the use of either a bi-fold or by-pass operating premium track for the shutters to sit on, the shutter panels smoothly glide over the tracks, making them easy to operate. The added beauty of tracked shutters is that they are easy to slide to one end of the track if you want the shutters fully open to allow maximum light to flood the room.

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The bi-fold tracks concertina into the room just like a bi-fold door and the by-pass tracks allows the shutter panels to slide one behind the other, staking uniformed at one end or either side of the patio window. Tracked shutters are a popular option for bi-fold and patio doors because they are so practical and easy to use and maintain.

They are not only perfect for bifold and patio doors but tracked shutters make a great room divider. Ideal for larger rooms that you want to partition off to create a smaller cosy atmosphere then this is easy to do with tracked shutters. Or for times where you might need that extra space when hosting a party or family gathering then the tracked shutters are easily opened to expose the once partitioned room. 

Furthermore, tracked shutters make ideal wardrobe doors. Most popularly fitted with a by-pass track so not to intrude into the room, they offer an incredibly stylish alternative to built-in wardrobe doors.

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