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Duorol Blinds

Duorol blinds are a modern and versatile window treatment option with a distinct design that allows users to control the amount of light entering their space with ease. These innovative blinds consist of a double layer of fabric that can be adjusted to create different levels of privacy and light control. This unique design has made Duorol blinds an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and interior designers seeking a stylish and functional window covering solution.

The Duorol roller blind mechanism operates similarly to a traditional roller blind, with the added functionality of two layers of fabric that slide past each other to create an open, half-open, or completely closed position. This adaptability allows for precise light control, making them an ideal choice for various settings, from living rooms to bedrooms and offices. Additionally, their sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of elegance to any interior space.

With a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, Duorol blinds can effortlessly complement any room decor. Moreover, they are available in different operating options, such as side-chain control or motorised, catering to the needs and preferences of individual users. Undoubtedly, Duorol blinds combine style and practicality, making them a highly desirable window treatment solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Understanding Duorol Blinds

Design and Functionality

Duorol blinds are an innovative type of window covering that combine the functionality of traditional roller blinds with the added benefit of light control and privacy. The design consists of two layers of fabric, one in front of the other, with alternating transparent and opaque stripes. As the layers shift up and down past each other, the amount of light entering the room can be easily controlled. When the two transparent stripes line up, light passes through, and when the opaque fabric lines up, it blocks out light.

One of the unique features of Duorol blinds is the incorporation of fabric stripes that provide both light filtration and privacy. By adjusting the position of these stripes, users can control the amount of light entering their room, ranging from complete darkness to a softly filtered effect. This makes these blinds a versatile option for various room settings, offering both light control and privacy without sacrificing style.

Duorol vs. Traditional Roller Blinds

In comparison to traditional roller blinds, Duorol blinds offer a more advanced and customisable option for light control and privacy. While roller blinds are generally limited to an all-or-nothing approach, the innovative design of Duorol blinds allows for varying levels of light filtration.

Traditional roller blinds typically consist of a single sheet of fabric, which can be pulled up or down to cover or uncover the window. In contrast, the layered design of Duorol blinds comprises two alternating fabric types, providing more options for regulating the level of light and privacy. Additionally, Duorol blinds can be motorised for added convenience.

Key benefits

Light Control

One of the key benefits of Duorol blinds is their excellent light control. The unique incorporation of fabric stripes provides both light filtration and privacy.With their dual-layer design, users can adjust the blinds to allow the desired amount of light while maintaining sufficient privacy.


Duorol blinds come with a wide range of options to cater to various preferences and design choices. You can choose from different fabrics, colours, allowing you to customise the blinds to perfectly complement your home's interior decor and style.


The inclusion of Somfy's smart automation technology enhances the functionality of Duorol blinds. For instance, the automatic closure of the blinds when the internal temperature reaches 25ºC helps to keep your house cooler during hot summer months. Additionally, the light sensors can be programmed to open and close the blinds automatically at sunrise and sunset, adding further convenience and energy efficiency.


By incorporating a Somfy hub, Duorol blinds seamlessly integrate with popular home automation systems like Amazon Alexa and other voice-activated compatible devices. This integration allows you to control the blinds using voice commands, creating a more connected and smarter living environment.

Rosie Wyatt
Rosie Wyatt
28. September, 2023
Delighted with new blinds in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Dean has great attention to detail and is very knowledgeable. Very happy with the service, time keeping and budget. Happy to recommend.
Catherine Brill
Catherine Brill
22. September, 2023
Excellent service . Very knowledgeable and a very good choice of shutters . Very happy !
James Crook
James Crook
19. September, 2023
Dean is great. From the first appointment he understood our needs, ordered and installed the products extremely fast. Looking forward to using him again next year
19. September, 2023
Excellent service from Dean very professional lots of samples and quick installation time plus very good pricing. We are so pleased with finished products the blind run smoothly and all the workings fixed safely with young children in mind.
Angela Matwasa
Angela Matwasa
14. September, 2023
WoW thoroughly recommend Dean, really happy with the quality of his blinds and fittings. They look more expensive than we paid, thank you.
13. September, 2023
Great experience getting shutters fitted - good price and great service
Kathreen Pyrke
Kathreen Pyrke
12. September, 2023
Would highly recommend, good quality blinds with lots of variety and choices of style. Quick from quote to installation. Lovely friendly service.
Janie Horlock
Janie Horlock
5. September, 2023
Dean was a pleasure to deal with from the initial measuring up and quote. Through to communication about fitting the shutters. Steve was the fitter that came to us and did a great job, quietly, efficiently and tidily. The shutters are a great quality and I’m pleased with the result.
Emma Kinch
Emma Kinch
30. August, 2023
I thoroughly recommend Dean ! From the first telephone call through to fitted blinds was great. Dean was happy to advise me of my options. The fitting of all 8 blinds is perfect. Everything was done in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier!
Kuldeep Dhanda
Kuldeep Dhanda
29. August, 2023
Had the blinds fitted yesterday, great blinds and fitted perfectly. Dean came over and provided all the info and options available, Steve fitted. Both very very professional and I am so happy with everything. I would definitely recommend them.
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Duorol Ranges and Options

Duorol Collection

Our Duorol collection offers a modern and stylish range of blinds, which are sometimes called vision blinds or zebra blinds. These blinds are designed with a fully enclosed cassette system to leave a lasting impression on our customers. One popular feature of Duorol blinds is their motorisation, allowing users to control multiple blinds in various rooms at once through systems like Somfy.

Colour and Fabric Choices

You can find a wide variety of colours and fabric choices within our Duorol collection, catering to many aesthetic preferences.

As for fabric choices, the Duorol range offers an eclectic mix of designs and textures to suit any room. These fabrics come in a combination of patterns and materials, providing different levels of light filtration and privacy options. For instance, lighter fabrics can create a soft and airy atmosphere, while thicker or blackout materials ensure greater privacy and light control.

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Operating Duorol Blinds

Chain and Sidewinder Controls

Chain and sidewinder controls are the most common systems used in our Duorol blinds. This manual operation typically involves a durable chain which, when pulled, either raises or lowers the blinds. The sidewinder control is a mechanism that allows for smooth and precise adjustment of the blind’s position, creating a seamless user experience.

An added advantage of chain and sidewinder controls is their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. With minimal components involved, they don’t require extensive maintenance.

Motorised Options

For homeowners seeking a more technologically advanced solution, we offer motorised options for our Duorol blinds. A key feature of electric blinds is the ability to control them using a remote control, providing convenience and ease of use. Additionally, electric blinds can be operated with a rechargeable lithium battery, offering a wireless solution, or connected to a hard-wired power source.

Motorisation also opens up the opportunity for app connectivity, allowing users to control the blinds using a smartphone or tablet. Our electric Duorol blinds are fully compatible with Somfy systems, a leader in smart home technology. This compatibility enables users to integrate their blinds into a home automation system for added convenience and energy efficiency.

Smart Home Integration

Connectivity and Control Hubs

Duorol blinds offer seamless integration with various smart home systems, enabling you to effortlessly manage your blinds from anywhere. Using Wi-Fi, these blinds can be controlled through a smartphone app or a home hub system such as Somfy, making it easier than ever to adjust light and privacy levels. Popular control hubs such as Somfy’s TaHoma are compatible with Duorol blinds, allowing for streamlined management of various smart home devices, including blinds and other automated systems.

One of the core components of a smart home ecosystem is a reliable and easy-to-use control system. Choose a control hub that can support all your smart home devices, such as lights, blinds, thermostats, and more. Here are some common control hub features:

  • App-based control: Manage your smart home devices through a user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Remote access: Adjust your home’s devices from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.
  • Voice control: Control your smart devices via voice commands through virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

Compatibility with Home Automation

Ensuring compatibility between your smart devices and home automation system is key to a well-functioning smart home. Duorol blinds can be integrated with many home automation systems, as long as the devices are compatible with the home hub you are using. When selecting a system, it’s essential to verify that it supports your Duorol blinds and any other devices you plan to implement in your smart home.

As Duorol blinds become a part of your home automation setup, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Personalised scheduling: Set schedules for your blinds to automatically open or close at specific times, whether it’s sunrise, sunset, or any other time you prefer.
  • Scenes and automation: Create custom scenes or automation rules to control multiple smart devices simultaneously based on various triggers, such as time, presence or environmental conditions.

Duorol Blinds FAQs

Duorol blinds, often referred to as double roller blinds, operate differently from standard blinds. They consist of two layers of fabric with alternating opaque and translucent stripes. By shifting these layers, users can fine-tune the amount of light entering the room and enhance privacy. Standard blinds usually have a single-layer design, which typically offers an open or closed option for light control. Duorol blinds provide users with more flexibility in managing light conditions and privacy.

Duorol blinds offer several advantages, such as improved light control and a modern, stylish appearance. They allow users to seamlessly transition between different levels of light and privacy, making them an excellent choice for various living spaces. Additionally, the contemporary design of Duorol blinds will complement any interior schemes, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Vision blinds are similar in concept to duorol blinds but may differ in terms of functionality. Both blinds feature a dual-layer design with a combination of opaque and translucent fabric stripes. The primary difference lies in the operating mechanism and the fabrics used. In most cases, duorol blinds utilise a chain to control the fabric movement, while vision blinds might have alternative operating systems.

To keep duorol blinds in optimal condition, simple maintenance practices include regular dusting or vacuuming with a brush attachment to remove any dirt or debris. This maintenance can be performed as needed, depending on the environment’s dust levels. Also, ensure the blinds’ moving parts, such as the chain or pulley system, remain in good working order and address any issues as soon as they arise.

Yes, duorol blinds are designed to offer variable light control and privacy, making them suitable for any environments where sunlight control and varying degrees of privacy might be required. With their dual-layer design, users can adjust the blinds to allow the desired amount of light while maintaining sufficient privacy.

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