Our popular Plantation Shutters are the ultimate modern luxury that gives your room a contemporary yet timeless elegance that looks great in any room. They are available in a variety of natural woods and painted finishes and can be made to fit every shape of window that cater for your style and home design. They provide versatile shading and privacy solutions with a multitude of slate combinations whilst also helping to insulate your room.

They are also available in a strong polymer material that is completely waterproof and will not warp or crack, making them perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

The versatility of shutters is incredible, below is a full list of the shutters we have to offer and how they can look amazing in your home.

Full Height Shutters

These are the most popular choice of shutter that covers the whole of your window and offers maximum privacy. They can also come with a mid-rail that allows you to tilt  the upper section of the panel separately to the lower section of the panel that provides you with even more light control and privacy.


Café Style Shutters

With only the lower half of the window covered, café style shutters are famous for being used in Parisian and European cafés and restaurants. Becoming a more popular choice in Victorian era homes, café style shutters are ideal for those who live at ground level and want to make the most of natural sunlight but also want to retain privacy from passers by whilst also looking beautiful from the outside.

Tier on Tier Shutters

These are similar in look to full height shutters but have separate panels top and bottom which allow you to have the upper panels completely open and the lower panels closed giving you maximum light with maximum privacy. They are also ideal for those who require partial access to certain window types such as sash. Choose from a range of opening options such as opening the top half of the shutters during the day to allow light to flood into your room and then close them up at the end of the day for a cosy feel whilst maximising insulation.

Bay Window Shutters

Our bay window shutters are the perfect choice for any bay style windows. They are fitted directly to the window or frame to maximise the space of your bay window whilst also retaining its full beauty and elegance. Choose from either full height, café or tier on tier styles.

Shaped Shutters

With all of our shutters expertly made to measure, we can provide shutters to fit a huge range of different shaped windows where blinds or curtains will not work. Your shaped shutters are custom made to fit many irregular shaped windows such as arched, circular, triangular and even hexagonal.

Skylight Shutters

Skylight shutters are beautiful and practical alternative to dress your Velux, Keylight or Farko windows. With the ability to adjust the louvres you can have complete control over the amount of light you want to filter into your room that regular Velux blinds cannot do.

Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters are perfect for larger windows and patio doors by providing excellent light and privacy control. By using premium tracks with either a bi-fold or by-pass system they glide smoothly making them easy to use and also maintain. They are not only good for doors and larger windows but are also great as room dividers, privacy screens and wardrobe doors.

Solid Shutters

These are solid hard wood panels that do not have tilted louvres. They are ideal for those who want to let in light during the day and then block out any lights at night making these a practical solution in bedrooms to help aid a good nights sleep. The solid panels also provide good insulation, helping to keep draughts at bay and keep your room warm and cosy.

You can also mix the solid panels with a louvred section that are great for wardrobe and cupboard doors that provide ventilation to your clothing.

French Door Shutters

As well as providing excellent light and heat control, our French door shutters are a practical solution to make most of the space in your home. The shutters fit directly to your French or patio door, with crafted panels to allow spaces for the handles. They are easy to open and operate which allows for ease of access and cleaning. The option to have a mid-rail is also available for even more light and privacy control.

Conservatory Shutters

Conservatory shutters are good for controlling the temperature and usability of your conservatory but with also having tilted louvres they also give you more privacy and control that regular blinds cannot, making these more versatile than conservatory blinds. The shutters are also perfect for fitting into irregular roof windows and with the use of a fitted latch also ensures the shutters stay firmly in place whilst also enabling you gain easy access for cleaning.