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Not all windows are rectangular and finding a window dressing to fit irregular shaped windows can be difficult. Having curtains or regular blinds fitted to shaped windows covers the beauty of their architectural features. Shaped shutters are the perfect solution to dressing shaped windows and enhancing their unique design. Whether you have an arched, circular, triangular or even hexagonal shaped windows, we can provide shaped shutters to fit.

Being precisely made to measured, shaped shutters offers a unique fit that allows all the privacy and light control options of that as regular plantation shutters. From drawing a detailed template of your shaped window, they are expertly carved by hand to make the shaped shutter.

 Circular and arched shaped shutters offer sunburst effect louvres that operate independently from one another that complements these style of windows beautifully whilst still providing the practicality of a regular shaped shutter. Gable end shaped shutters work in much the same way. By taking a detailed drawing template of the triangular shaped angles and creating hand crafted shutter panels to fit into the gable end recess, creates a sleek and uniformed look to a gable end window.

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Our shaped shutters can accommodate the trickiest of shaped windows beautifully and are made to measure so that the overall shutter function isn’t compromised. The overall functionality of shaped shutters provides all the lighting and privacy control as well as the insulation and soundproofing qualities as that of regular shutters.

Furthermore, shaped shutters are extremely durable and made to last. They can be made in a variety of materials from mdf, hardwood and waterproof, making them perfect for every room in the home. We offer a full 10 year guarantee on all of our shutters and provide honest and competitive pricing.

At Winchester Blinds and Shutters, we have many years experience and expertise to help you choose the right shaped shutters for your home. Whether it’s for a porthole, arched, gable end, triangular or hexagonal shaped shutters, we will provide you with the best knowledge and impartial advice. Every shaped shutter is precisely measured and requires fine attention to detail. They are then hand crafted and skilfully fitted to fit any individual, unique shaped window. We have supplied many shutters to customers from Alresford, Winchester, Basingstoke, Alton, Portsmouth.

We also provide full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, bay window shutters, shaped shutters, conservatory shutters and many more.

We offer a full comprehensive package for homes throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London.

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