Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular choice particularly for patio doors and larger windows. They are also good for awkward spaces and unusual shaped windows such as curved bay or sloped windows. They are ideal for controlling the direct sunlight and your privacy by rotating the louvers yet still allowing general light to filter into your room. Once more commonly used for commercial office windows, they are now well established for your home due to the vast range of colours, statement prints and textures to compliment your home design.

They come in a range of fabrics such as blackout to block out the sun to provide more shade, thermal to retain the heat and keep you warm during the winter and to help keep your room cool during the summer months and moisture resistant which are strong and durable enough to enable them to be used in your bathroom or kitchen. You can also mix and match the colours of the louvers to create a bold and dramatic focal point for your room.

All of our vertical blinds are available with the traditional cord and chain operation or a child-safe wand, which pulls the louvers across as well as rotating them. All operations comply with child-safety regulations as required by European legislation EN13120. Learn more here.