Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are designed especially for uPVC windows. They have a frame surround, which very neatly fits into your uPVC window frame and therefore means there is no drilling required to your windows or doors. The blinds also stack up very neatly at the top of the frame, which allows an abundance of light to flood through your room. Additionally, because they are also compact they are a great option for smaller rooms as well as looking great in conservatories. They are available in Pleated, Venetian and Roller styles and certainly in the pleated or roller form, act as a very good blackout option due to the frame stopping light filtration around the edges.

Intu Blinds

Also only suitable for uPVC windows, these are similar to Perfect Fit but allow for a shallower recess depth of 11mm for installation. They are also available as pleated, metal venetian and roller. For more information contact us here.