Why We Love…Shutters

Shutters are a widely popular option for window dressing. Due to their aesthetic and functional features and many design options, it is no surprise how they have become such a popular choice. At Winchester Blinds and Shutters we have expertly measured and installed hundreds of beautiful shutters in homes all over the south of England. Here we give our top 10 reasons why we love shutters.

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Why we love shutters
Why we love shutters
Why we love shutters

Optimum Light Control & UV Protection

With their multiple panels and adjustable louvres, shutters enable you to have complete control on how much light you let into a room. Close the louvres entirely to help block out the light or tilt and angle them to block the glare from the sun. Alternatively, they can be pulled wide open and folded back to expose the full window and flood the room with natural light.

Furthermore, they can protect furniture and other soft furnishings from fading. When the louvres are closed they block out harmful UV rays that can damage and dull furniture and carpet fabrics over time.


Tier on tier and full height shutters provide many options of creating different levels of privacy. These types of shutters allow the top and bottom louvres to be operated independently from one another. This gives ultimate privacy control by allowing the bottom half of the louvres to shut so that no one can peer in from the outside. The top louvres can then remain open to still allow natural light in. This is ideal for ground floor rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Insulating & Energy Saving

Shutters provide an extra layer of insulation and therefore are great for keeping the heat in during the winter months. Research has shown that by closing them at dusk can dramatically reduce energy bills. Equally during the summer months shutters can help to keep homes cool. By adjusting the louvres, the hot sun is deflected and keeps room temperatures more comfortable. This extra insulation is also good for soundproofing and helps to block out noise from busy main roads.

Easy to Clean & Hypo-Allergenic

Fabric blinds and curtains are prone to collecting dust and allergens due to being harder to clean. Whereas shutters are much easier to clean, removing all traces of dust and grime that can irritate allergies. They are an ideal solution for children’s bedrooms and playrooms for easily wiping away any grubby finger marks. The louvres are large enough to access, making the cleaning of shutters an easy task. Using a damp cloth over shutters is all they need to keep them dirt and dust free.

Great for Safety

As shutters do not have any cords, chains or wires they are a great option for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. They are fully compliant with the EN13120 child safety regulations, so ideal for families with babies and young children. Additional catches can also be fitted to prevent children from fully opening shutters and gaining access to windows.

Great for Shaped Windows

Shutters are measured and made to fit any uniquely shaped window whether they are round, arched or oddly angled. Shaped plantation shutters incorporate precisely designed and cut louvres that mould to the shutter for a uniformed look. They can transform any irregular or awkward shaped window to provide the privacy and light control that wouldn’t be able to be achieved from a regular blind or curtain, making them a perfect and popular alternative.

Incredibly Versatile

Plantation shutters have always been a popular choice for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Yet they are now an increasingly popular option for bathrooms and kitchens too. Waterproof shutters are made from a thermo polymer material that protects them in vulnerable wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens from becoming water damaged and warped.

Conservatory shutters are also a clever option, along with French door or sliding patio and Bi-Fold door shutters. Their insulating properties and unique shading combinations are perfect for larger glass surface areas that attract a larger amount of heat and sun light; which helps to protect homes from the sun and making them more energy efficient. Patio door and bi-fold door shutters also have the added benefit of being fitted on a track system. They enable the panels to slide past one another to fully expose the glass windows for a full open sunlit view.

Additionally, tracked shutters can also be used to create room dividers, wardrobe doors or cabinetry, the options are endless.

With the many shutter options available comes the added bonus of having the same window dressings throughout the entire home.

Suit Every Property & Can Match Any Décor

Shutters are a timeless classic design that will compliment any property. They not only look beautiful from the inside but can also be seen from the exterior of a property that offers great curb appeal no matter what type of home. Whether you have an older house with irregular shaped windows or a modern new build, they offer many design options. They can come with various size louvres and a vast selection of colours, from timeless whites to natural woods. There is also the option to have them painted in Farrow and Ball and Dulux paints. With all these options, they will always compliment a home’s décor and style.


Plantation shutters are extremely durable and made to last. The robustness of them makes them less prone to fading, scratches, dents and overall deterioration. Unlike other types of blinds or curtains that may need servicing or replacing after a few years, shutters are a good investment for any home that will last for years to come.


Last and finally not least and quite possibly our favourite reason why we love shutters is how classic and timeless they are. They have a unique eleganance and simplicity that adds depth and character to any room, so will never go out of fashion or become dated. No matter how many times interior styles change and home improvements are made, they will continue to look classy. Shutters can create a modern or traditional feel that is fully adaptable and changeable depending on individual style; which makes them an extremely versatile addition to any home.

So there are our top 10 reasons why we at Winchester Blinds and Shutters love shutters and hope this has given you a bit more knowledge and insight about the many brilliant aspects shutters has to offer. We have been measuring and fitting blinds and shutters for over 26 years and have become reputable and trusted experts in supplying high quality and affordable products. Some areas we have supplied are Alresford, Alton, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Romsey and Lyndhurst plus many more. We supply a full range of shutters that include Full height, Café, Tier on Tier, Tracked, Bay Window, Shaped, Conservatory, French Door & Sky Light Shutters.

You can find even more information about our shutters and service here. We provide free no obligation quotations in the comfort of your home with expert and impartial advice. Get in touch with us on 01962 736836 or via email at hello@winchesterblinds.co.uk

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