Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a very neat and practical solution for uPVC windows and doors. They are particularly ideal for irregular angled windows such as those in a conservatory or patio and bifold doors. When fitted to a conservatory roof, supporting wires keep the blinds tight and secure against the roof. On windows, when pulled down and not in use they stack up neatly to give you a clear view of the outside whilst also creating a sense of space in smaller rooms. They are also available in heat reflective and thermally insulating honeycomb fabrics, which are perfect for regulating the temperature of your conservatory or orangery that will enable your room to maintain a usable temperature all year round whilst also saving on your energy bills. These blinds are also available in blackout fabrics and due to the hidden tension cords and no visible cord holes they are ideal for bedrooms to help stop the morning light into your room.

Our pleated blinds are also available electrically controlled; these are a perfect solution for those who may find the operation of the blinds with a wand on higher pitched roofs a little difficult. Also with potentially many blinds to operate in your conservatory there is also the option of being able to control a large number of blinds at once, speeding up the opening and closing. The remote system allows you to control your blinds one at a time, in groups or all at once.

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